Monday, September 29, 2014

When Rajdeep assaulted me

I write this for two reasons: to add context to what is evident from the Zee News video clip ; to avoid a Rashomon like state and rebut Rajdeep Sardesai's attempt to paint himself the victim. He a big fish and has friends in the media, so he may succeed, but my job is to stand up.

Bored standing in the long line to get into MSG, I took a quick stroll and saw much media coverage, including the likes of Chaubey, Sawant and Sardesai. I noticed Rajdeep taunt a group of young Indians: He asked them 'Did Modi teach you to do this?..." i.e. shouting Rajdeep Murdabad. 
Watch this video to see how Rajdeep was essentially trying to continue his 12 year hate-work in trying to tarnish the PM. Unable to get the 'negative' answers he's looking for, Rajdeep says 'So what you guys are saying is that the "Media" was unfair to Modi' (this part is not on videos I have seen). I immediately picked up his spin and shot back: Not the media, it is NewsTraders like you who are unfair. And I called him "NewsTrader No.1". This seems to have made him lose his mind: He removed his jacket, and walked over to me (this is the part in the zee news video) and started verbally abusing me ("arsehole" and other threat-cum-abuse). I was surprised at hearing the abuse and his threatening body language given his ever-cool studio self. I retorted with the same epithet. This led to his turning around and attacking me - grabs my collar and shoves me (guess its his privilege in his un-Modified India). I was left with no choice but to push him back.

I would urge people to note 4 things:
1. Rajdeep indulges in unprovoked tarnishing and demeaning of the Indian PM on foreign soil and Indians living there 
2. Rajdeep starts the verbal abuse / intimidation
3. Rajdeep starts the physical assault
4. Rajdeep turns around and spins victimhood - 'frenzied Modi fans abuse him'.

Is it even remotely acceptable for a senior Indian journalist to engage in unprovoked insulting of our elected PM on foreign soil while he's on an important diplomatic tour, and wilfully trivialize a unique event (by continuing his political battle with the PM) that allowed the NRI community and the Indian Govt to build a stronger bond?

I believe you just cannot carry your personal battle with your PM onto foreign soil and cause harm to the country. 

While I reflect upon what next steps to take, I urge everyone to write to the India Today group condemning such dastardly behavior by their 'senior' employee. I request the media (i have no faith in NewsTraders) to take this message to their viewership.

I reflected much on this since then -- what explains Rajdeep's egregious, shameful and harmful behavior? A apt word in American local parlance sums it up best: He's a Hater.